February 18, 2015


Happy New Moon everyone!

With the experience of the New Moon upon us, it is wise to reflect on the things that we are going to bring into the world, in this next cycle of activity that begins. But before you envision what you want to achieve next, make sure that you do a thorough examination of what you're leaving behind. And why is this so? Because this is the time to do it.

Maybe in these last few days you've felt an urge to finally let go of old patterns of behavior that seem to sabotage your efforts. But one thing that has showed up in the equation is frustration. A lot of frustrated energy is bubbling up to the surface, and you find that it's quite hard to know why you are getting so annoyed and dissatisfied with everything. But that's happening because you need to pay attention.

Some of your old behaviors and patterns of thinking are too rigid. You are stuck in the head, and instead of relinquishing control, and surrendering to your experience, you hold on even tighter. Have you noticed that your body feels more achy? Do you feel even constipated? Maybe you find that your body is just stiff and doesn't want to move? There you go. You have your signs right there in front of you. Your body is telling you: "Listen to me! You are not going to win through willfulness, nor through excessive use of power. You have to surrender."

So how do you surrender?

Here's a beautiful exercise that you can do today.

1. Sit down in a quiet space, with a pen and a piece of paper.
2. Begin by first breathing deeply, and acknowledging how your body feels. Close your eyes, so that you can feel your body from the inside out.
3. As you keep your eyes closed, begin to breathe in deeply and to drop the weight on your shoulders. Breathe in and out, and let go of any thoughts you have stored in your head for now. Do this for about 2 to 5 minutes.
4. Open your eyes, and take the pen and the paper. Begin to write down the following:

"I want to easily surrender all my worries and anxieties into the healing hands of God/the Universe/my Higher Self."
"In my daily life, I want to consciously and consistently remember that God/the Universe/my Higher Self is in charge of everything"
"I want to easily find myself trusting my Guides/the Universe/God to successfully guide my life"

5. When you write, always get the help of your intuition to help guide your wording, and if you feel that something feels off, use your own wording. Find a way to write what you feel deeply with your heart. (not with the mind!)
6. Next, take the piece of paper, and add it to your journal. (If you don't have one yet, make this your first thing to add to the journal.)
7. Read these statements each night before going to sleep, for at least 7 days.
8. Observe your inner attitudes about trust and surrender over this period of time, and how you change. Write down in your journal how you perceive those changes within.

Surrender isn't hard

Surrender comes when you are willing. It may take some time to learn this practice, but once you have experienced the liberating feeling that is bringing in your life, you will certainly want to get that feeling back. It isn't hard. It just takes practice and your willingness to relinquish control.

You know that too many times it is hard to let go, and it is hard because you don't even realize you are holding on to something. So it does take self-awareness to see first that you have something you try to control, and then there is a need to let go.

Now, the greatest favor you can do yourself is to look at your recent past, and how it has taught you about what you still have unresolved within yourself. Instead of holding on to any grudge, or a sense of frustration that you've done something wrong, or others are doing something wrong to you, without taking any impulsive action, just sit with those experiences in silence. If you get quiet enough, you will notice that something will begin to shift, when you no longer apply judgement to your experiences, or to yourself and the people around you. Instead of getting stubborn and holding on even harder, by allowing yourself to plainly SEE, you see through the situation. And that will help break the cycle of attachment to repeating the same mistakes, and to any disempowering behaviors.

When you reach this place, guess what? Surrender just follows. You find yourself letting go. No longer worrying, no longer holding on, you just surrender to your new life, and the funny thing you find is that it is much easier now experience balance than it used to be.

Repeat this practice whenever necessary, and stay out of trouble!

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