March 6, 2015


We recently lost a member of our small community. This man wasn't anyone close to us, but he had enough of a public life that his passing touched a deep chord in many people in this small town.

We lose people that we care about; we lose friends and family. And if you look back at those losses, there is always a simple lesson in the journey of someone's passing from the physical into the ethereal: live your life NOW. Yes, right now, without worrying about the past, or about the future.

Yet most people (including yourself) live either in the past or in the future. Or in a combination of both. Most people don't know how to live in the present. You, yourself are probably struggling about how to live in the now. And why is that? Because you are still trying to heal your wounds.

You may hear this idea going around in esoteric circles that yes, you need to do healing, but at some point you need to stop looking into the past. Agreed. Not one person will benefit if you are stuck in the past, that is quite clear. So, you can't just keep going back, and find yet another reason why everything is "wrong" with you. That is of course not the kind of experience of life that will benefit you, and that will bring you happiness now.

So, how do you navigate this fine line, where healing needs to happen in order for you to experience joy, yet not get stuck in the past, and all the possible wrong things you've done, or that you have been?

It really isn't that complicated.

1. First of all, in this present moment be ready to take your journey into your own hands, and take up the authority over your life. Yes, right here and now is the time to do something about your life. Not tomorrow, yet knowing that it is not too late either.
2. Quit projecting, or displacing your discontent on someone else. Assume full responsibility for your journey, and that includes how you feel, and what you experience every day. This step alone will be such a liberating experience for you, propelling you into a much greater understanding of your journey.
3. Next you need to find what it is that holds you back from experiencing your greatness. Is it a limiting belief you have about yourself? Do you believe that the world around you has a vested interest in keeping you from being happy? How deep you look at this issue, will determine how you proceed from now on with your life.
4. When you look deep within, you will discover some patterns about your life. Some things seem to repeat themselves in cycles; relationships look very similar to each other; your response to life has the same underlying tone about it. So, look at these patterns with both curiosity, but also with an objective distance that gives you the insight you need to further understand your life.
5. Once you've reached this stage in your healing, you probably recognize the actors in your life, and how each actor has played a role, one more pleasant than the other, but important nonetheless. When people show up in your life, you learn from these experiences. Relationships can show you where most of your wounds stem from, and some relationships may even increase the wounding within you.
6. Now you have reached a critical point: you are at the threshold between present and past. Here it is essential that you don't fall too deep into the past, yet it is just as important that you don't overlook anything from the past. You NEED to look at your wounds, you need to face them fully, and then you need to find healing. When you admit and name your wounds, you are able to deal with whatever it is that is holding you back. But when you are also taking the next step in healing these wounds, you are empowering yourself to have a different experience of life.
7. This is where you have reached the core of your whole journey. By allowing healing to come into your life, you no longer give your power to those wounded parts of yourself. You no longer play the game of being the victim of circumstances in your life. You assume responsibility for your experience fully, and you take the matters in your own hands to make sure that you are healed. Once you've reached this stage, you will know already that truly, at the core of your Being nothing about you can be wounded. You are whole, and complete just as you are.

That is why you need to heal. Healing takes away the illusion out of the reality of your life, and you step fully into your Wholeness. You understand that this life is about your journey back into the arms of your Divinity, and your Soul is the guiding light that shines on your path of your human experience. Embrace this journey fully, understand that you are safe at all times, and know that you will receive both guidance and help when you need it. Blessings to you.

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