January 20, 2015


Your Soul encourages you to take things one step at a time, and to not expect immediate results. You are working with a process of profound inner change. If you worry about what will happen to you, then you will miss the magic of the transformation. Transformation is about process and flow, not results.

One of the first things that comes up whenever you are willing to go through profound change, is that you are going to face your fears. Yes, so many fears are popping up for you, so don't cave into them. When this happens, remember that you are facing these fears now, in order to finally release them. YES, it is time to release those fears, so that you can fully show your light into the world! It may be uncomfortable, it may happen through some unpleasant experiences in your body, or people that show up in your life now, but eventually if you are dedicated to this journey (and if you read this, you ARE) you will release these fears. This is the time.

Also, the other thing that will show up right close to your fears is doubt. It may be creeping into your day too often. Because of so much changing, and changing that happens at a very fast pace, your mind can't keep up with everything, and you feel doubt. Have faith! Dedicate yourself fully to the path you are on, and make sure that you are always listening to the voice of your Higher Self. (If you need help, you know where to find us!)

Another important part of the change that is going on in your life is: time for yourself. You may not realize how important this actually is. But if you keep going, going, and going through your days, and never replenish that vessel that you are with fresh energy, you are eventually going to collapse. And how might this look like? Sometimes it comes in form of illness, at other times you will see signs of stress in your relationships at home or at work, and at other times it can come through financial strain like unexpected expenses. YES, all of those experiences are related to you not taking care of yourself, and constantly depleting yourself of energy. So, make some time for yourself NOW. Put yourself first, especially now that you are going through essentially one of the greatest shifts we have experienced in quite a while. This is serious. Don't be fearful. Be ready to make the necessary shifts to really be focused on yourself.

With the New Moon today, and Mercury going retrograde tomorrow, I hope that the major transformation that is going on right now is finding you able to cope with everything. It's a time to truly dig deep within, and find the answers to so many of the questions that you have been dealing with over the last few months. You are now encouraged to spend time by yourself, to be truly patient with your journey, and to make sure that you give yourself the time that you need to integrate everything that is being shifted and transformed.

If you are staying focused on yourself, and you are willing to explore what shows up in your life right now, without letting yourself be pulled in other people's chaos, you should have a deeply introspective time during the next few weeks, with a lot of insight and some great revelations too.

If you have been waiting for something to change, before you make a change within, the kind of experience you are having is going to show you, whether you are stuck or not. As you read this message, you need to know that you can't hide from yourself. You can't keep asking for change, and then not be willing to do what is necessary for the change to be present in your experience. Digging deep IS what is required of you, and nobody around you will be able to do it for you. YOU have to do the work. Be willing, listen carefully, and GO. You will get promptings, you will know if something needs to change in your environment, just don't make an obstacle of yourself.

Observe your environment, and the people that you have attracted in your life. Do you see yourself in those around you? If not, then you know that it is time to change something about that. Is your job reflecting what you have been wanting to put out into the world? If not, then there is something else that needs to come into your life. Call a new job, or career to you. Is your body a reflection of your Highest image of your Self? If not, then you have another step that you can take in your life, and this one is essential for you being happy as much as any of the other ones.

All of these questions are hints for you. Be really honest with yourself, look in the mirror of your Soul, and let your Soul speak to you of Truth. You will know that when the truth reaches you, you are ready to make the necessary changes. And change will have to come, because we live in an era of absolute honesty, or absolute delusion. You can't be in the middle, you have to choose. NOW.

If you need to ground yourself, because some of the energy around you seems to be spinning out of control, make sure that you do some or all of these simple things (and of course, if you have other things that keep you going, it's great!):
1. drink plenty of water (pure if possible, and with fresh lemon juice in it);
2. walk outside in nature, as much as possible in the sun, and if you can, also barefoot;
3. do gentle breathing and exercising, with a lot on focus on your breath;
4. stay away from stimulants like coffee, or alcohol (replace them with green tea, yerba mate, or other substitutes for coffee that are not toxic, and drink more herbal teas, too);
5. sleep the number of hours that your body needs, and take as many naps as possible;
6. get hugs from loved ones, or be around your pets to feel their love;
7. associate with those that truly are listening to you, if not stay in your space for this time being;
8. find reasons to laugh really well, because it shakes the energy that is getting too crazy around you.

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►P.S. Need help? I am now offering personal channeling and coaching sessions through Skype, and I have been enjoying them tremendously. If you need to schedule an appointment during this time of transition and change, please write me an email at joy.clarity@gmail.com

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