July 15, 2015


Every New Moon is an opportunity to sow new seeds in our lives. God and the Universe offer us every 29 days something new to begin working with in our lives. This is the way that we can visit our lives over and over again, and make decisions about how we are going to approach our experience; each month from a different angle.

How many times have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed with your life, or not being sure how to get unstuck about your current situation?

As you may already know, only recently I have decided that yes, it is time to let go of my old way of working, and begin something new. An era has ended indeed, and with it a new cycle of life has begun for me, and a new way to work and live.

I have received so many incredible messages from so many of you, sharing my joy and enthusiasm, but also showing me a lot of love as I begin this new journey. I have drank from this cup of love, each time you have offered it to me. This is truly such a fulfilling experience for me, even more so when I hear from you, not just encouraging me about my own experience, but letting me know how my openness, flexibility, and willingness to move forward is inspiring YOU, and it is giving you strength and hope to go ahead and do the same with your own life.

I couldn't have wished for me. In fact, it IS more than I wished, because while I had hoped such a response from you would be coming, through sharing my journey with you, I could truly and only do it for myself; because this journey feels right to me. I had hoped that I wouldn't walk be alone, of course. And it looks like I am not. Many of you are moving forward in your own way, carving your path, and finding the courage to be yourself. I feel deep gratitude that I know you, and that you are sharing your experiences with me.

I am also excited that my journey includes an amazing group of women that are coming together and are willing to walk this new path of growing into strong and empowered women along with me. Our immersion retreat group is a nice size now, and I will be accepting a few more participants. (Write me an email, as soon as you read this at joy.clarity@gmail.com to join us!)

I have received a lot of insight about many of the subjects that we will be discussing in our group, and I am already feeling some great shifts that happened only in these last few days since my announcement.

One of the things that I will be teaching each of the retreat participants is how to work with the energy of the Moon, in order to amplify its effects in our lives, and the ways that we can align our current life experience with the energy that the Moon is sharing with us through its cycles of birth, growth, and release. When working with the Moon energy, we can enhance aspects of our lives, where we feel that we need more help.

Like for example, when today's New Moon happens (at about 9:24 PM Eastern DT) you may want to look at the basic foundations of your life, and see if you need some help in establishing them, or reinforcing them in your life. Such foundations can be the home you live in, the family that you are a part of, and even the gut instinct is one of the foundations for your life. This powerful feminine compass that is your instinct, which every woman (and man) possesses, can be such a powerful ally in our life when we begin using it.

Once the New Moon arrives, you can sit in silence, in a moment of silent contemplation and prayer/meditation, and ask for its guidance to help you enhance your ability to listen and follow the wisdom of your gut instinct more frequently in your life. Write down your wish to do so on a piece of paper, and affirm it out loud for yourself around the exact time of the New Moon, and then release this desire to God. Observe then over the course of this next month especially, how you are responding to your gut instinct.

Such tools look quite simplistic. Yet if we make an effort every day to add one more tool to our amazing repertoire, we soon realize how powerful these very simple things truly are. It is because we give them our time, our dedication, and our attention that they become powerful, and the will change our lives.

I'd love to hear from you, how are YOU changing your life? What simple tools are you using to grow and empower yourself? Thank you.

Copyright 2015 © Alexandra Mahlimay

June 2, 2015

Musings and a Message of Love.

I have recently come out of three days of praying, contemplating, and fasting. Little talk, not much of other activities than being focused on myself, and going within. After spending all this time mostly with myself, as it happens to most everyone I believe, I have found some intense places of vulnerability and even fear.

Over the last eight weeks, I have been going through deep transformation, and major “upgrades.” Throughout this process I found myself frequently asking “Who am I? Who is Alexandra?” Eventually I gave up asking, because no matter what answer I have to that question, it doesn't really describe accurately enough how I feel that the inner changes are affecting me.

I have stopped trying to put a name on my experiences, or to define myself according to old definitions. I am just allowing myself to be as open as possible, and to fully let go into the transformation of becoming this new Me that is emerging.

I really don't know where it is taking me, nor what to expect at the end of the trip. Frankly, I don't even know what that means what I just wrote. I just know that by being as open as I am, God is pouring into my life with such an intensity and light that it transforms so many of my fears and misconceptions about life.

I have discovered a new level of surrender, and an even deeper level of faith... in God, in myself, and in Life. This gives me strength to believe in what is yet to come, and to make room for “that” to find a place in my life, where maybe at another time things would have stopped short of manifesting.

Now, here is a brief message I got last night, and I would like to share it with you.

How can you not just let this whole experience come to you, when the Universe is showing you every step of the way that you are loved, that you are surrounded in love, and that life is at your feet? How can you ignore such beauty that pours out of every encounter, and lets you live a sacred life? How can you even deny yourself this immense beauty and fragility that life has to offer you when you are no longer bound to your mind? When you are not completely and utterly lost in insanity?

Can you see that you have always been offered a life of sacred love, and that you only had to reach out for a moment longer to make sure that you are not missing any opportunity to be held in the hand of God? Be still dear, and be open to receive all the blessings that are coming to you, and through you.

With each deep breath you are taking, you have made yourself available to the ocean of love that God has created for all of you to still your thirst for LOVE, and to receive this beauty in such a profound way that only you can truly understand.

Reach out and be with this deep feeling for another day. For another night. Receive it and make it your own. Be ready to find a new life for yourself, and to fully embody it. I am with you.

With deep love, Ruth.

Copyright 2015 © Joy and Clarity


We are three weeks away from the June Solstice. It is a time of heightened energy running through the Earth at this moment, and you have been given every possible way to work with this energy, and to use it to transform yourself. So, what have you done with it?

Have you been listening to the calls that are coming either in very loud, or in very subtle ways to you?

Did your dreams intensify, and bring you messages about your life right now, and what needs to change? Maybe you didn't notice all this, but look back for a moment. Just think back over these last two weeks when you had a hunch, a dream, or a very clear message come to you. Think and feel into it. Those were moments that were carrying energetic downloads to help you bring shifts in your awareness, and real changes in your life.

If you did listen to these messages, you are probably finding yourself in a place of intensity, and even feeling a little confounded about your journey in life right now. You may feel that some things are shifting within you, and you HAVE to absolutely change... there really is no other way. This is a time with a lot of questioning, and reviewing of your life choices and life experiences. It is also high time that you let the changes go much deeper than you have ever done before.

However, if the messages have been coming to you, and you are ignoring them, or telling yourself that there is no time to make changes, or you cover the insight with some ways of numbing yourself, you may want to review why you are doing all that.

What are you afraid of? What seems so scary in your inner world that would make you believe, or think that you can't take care of the very important shifts that are happening in your life now? Look at the distractions you have created around yourself through situations that seem to be dramatic, or just absolutely asking for your attention, or the people that are demanding for your time. Look at the stories you are telling yourself now. When you look carefully, you will actually observe patterns that you have been working and repeating themselves throughout your whole life. Once you see them for what they are, then you can do something about it, because now you have the insight about these patterns that are re-appearing again and again.

Now is the time when insight can come to you, and today's Full Moon will only reinforce your journey. It will be a time of both insight and making sure that you can act on your insight. But be very aware first of the illusions that you have created around yourself, and the stories you are telling yourself. Bring those illusions into awareness, and illuminate the path of your life. Bring courage to the table, and a willingness to change. Bring an openness about receiving insight from the Higher Source and from your Soul, and be willing to act upon this insight when the time is right. Your intuition will give you jolts of powerful understanding, and when that flows into your awareness, make sure that you take note. Write down your insights, even if it doesn't make sense in the moment. And then, stay with the process. Continue to be with the shifts that are occurring, even if sometimes it may feel uncomfortable. Stay with it, even if you don't understand with your mind what is going on. Just listen carefully, and pay very close attention.

The changes have been coming for a while, but right now, the questions is really... What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for more insight and inspiration? Are you waiting for the conditions of your life to be perfect before you jump into the sea of change? Or are you willing to surrender to the Divine Order of things, and finally make the plunge? The one that is waiting is the one that won't find answers to the things you need to know, because it is one that is holding back knowledge and insight from touching you, when your Soul and God are constantly talking to you. Staying in the same place only makes you feel sicker of your life, and of the things you are experiencing. There really is no other way than to jump in.

Be willing. Be open. And let God.

Copyright 2015 © Joy and Clarity

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June 1, 2015

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May 8, 2015


Are you someone that always says "YES," even when you should say "No?" Sensitive people are especially prone to fall into this trap, because they are able to feel what others feel. And when you feel someone's pain, it's hard not to identify with it. And when the people who experience pain ask you to do something for them, you do it. How can you say "no" to someone who's having a hard time and is suffering so much?

Let me tell you how to do that: "NO." You look at them, and without saying any word, you whisper to yourself: "I can see that you are suffering, and I can see that it is hard to go through what your are going through. However, I will respectfully bow to you, and step back, while you deal with this situation."

Why would you do such a thing? Why is this so important? Because when you step back in such a situation, you create space around the person who is hurting to find their own feelings, to understand what they feel, and eventually to see a solution to their suffering. Yes, it may take a while, but unless you step back, they don't even stand the chance to dealing with their situation.

If you don't bow and step back, and say "yes" instead, you will take their burden on your shoulders. Then you will feel confused because you don't understand what's going on with YOU. After that, you will try to figure out why you feel the way you do, and it will not be possible to make any sense of it. Finally, when you realize that all the pain, the despair, and the sadness you were feeling were not yours in the first place, you look around and you see your friend happily going about his life.

Where is this situation going then? He or she has not resolved the pain, it's just buried deeper. You are confused, and I can guarantee that soon enough you will be angry. And the energy that was trapped by the suffering is not being released. It's just stored for later, when the cycle begins once more.

Conclusion? You and your friend may be better off when you do say "no" to a request for help. Not because you are selfish, or because you don't want to help. But because you may not be able to help, and your friend really needs to deal with his situation. Your time is not wasted then, and you can help your friend, when it's really time to offer support and love. Then you will be able to do that, because you are focused, and full of energy.

Try that the next time you know that you should say "no." Gently ease into teaching yourself to not accept everyone's pain. You will find that your life will blossom, and your energy will lift you.

In our upcoming immersion retreat Saint-Germain will teach the importance of setting boundaries around yourself, especially as a teacher or healer. By creating a space that others can only access by invitation, you are making it possible for yourself to focus and create the kind of work environment that you desire, but you also make it clear to the world who are the people that you really want to work with. You can't help everyone, neither should you try this. If you do, the risk is of you being exhausted, frustrated, and possibly unable to have tangible results in the work that you do.

Copyright 2015 © Joy and Clarity

JOIN US for the Solstice Channeling event with Saint-Germain on June 20, 2015.