March 30, 2015


Caught in between two major eclipses, you may wonder what is going on? You are not the only one asking this question at this time. When the Solar eclipse started on March 20th, with the Equinox following right behind it, the waters of consciousness have been stirred up. Looking back over the last week, you can see how it has affected you, and how it has affected the world.

You may have felt that you were completely out of control with your life, or your body. Maybe the way that you were responding to the events around you was uncoordinated. At the same time, you felt that the Universe was opening its gates wide open to show you the mystery of life, and the wonderful things that are coming ahead.

On the one hand, you felt how everything was disintegrating in front of your eyes, and many people around you were acting out of fear. Disillusion, confusion, a lack of purpose were on the day's list. On the other hand, your connection to the Divine and the wonders of life were closer to you than ever before. Compassion, unconditional love, and deep contentment were the other experiences throughout your day.

How is this all possible? How is it possible to feel so deep, to reach such a profound place of inner peace and stillness, and at the same time to see the insanity of this world rampant all around you?

All of this happens when the boundaries are dissolving, and the only thing that is left is the Truth. The truth of your Divinity, and Oneness with All that IS. If you've been searching and deeply connecting with this truth, then this is one thing you can hold on to as your reality now. But if you are still struggling to accept this truth as your only reality, then you do experience the disillusion, the disappointment, and the lack of groundedness as the other part of your experience.

Moving toward the April 4th Lunar eclipse, now is your opportunity to review. Reconsider the reality you hold on to so dearly, and look at the only reality that truly IS, and that is self-evident. You are a Child of God, and God also. You are here to immerse yourself in the human experience with the only purpose of remembering and embodying your Divinity in everything that you do.

In reviewing the things that hold you back from accomplishing this purpose in life, you will be able to make decisions about what it is that you need to drop, and where you want to put your full attention and focus. The clarity of purpose and intentions that you put behind your work is going to propel you forward without you needing to invest so much effort as you would, if you were to keep doing things the same way as before.

Once you have accepted that your Soul's purpose in this lifetime is to remember and live your Divinity, you will be much more effective in everything that you do, and you will bring deeper healing in your own life, and in the life of everyone that you choose to interact with. What you DO will no longer be a struggle, but an experience of grace.

However, it is good to know that you will encounter your obstacles. Your fears will speak to you in a voice that will be easy to detect, if you are paying attention. Watch for these symptoms: extreme mental anguish, unexplainable health issues, guilt building up, mistrust around things that used to feel normal to you, and doubt about your abilities. When you notice any of these experiences, you will know that somewhere you have given way to a reality that is not your Soul's. You have made it possible for illusion to enter your world, and to dictate your life. Understand what is happening, and then you can make a change. But please know that you will not be able to push through, and use your will to move through the challenges. It will take more than just will power, and determination. It will require a willingness from you to relinquish control, and to work with the power of your intuition to discover where your resources are truly coming alive.

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