April 4, 2014


At this time of the month and year, you are going through a potent time that is building up between the last Sunday's New Moon and until the Full Moon (also an eclipse) on April 15th. Everything in your life is shifting and changing at a fast pace, and you may be dealing with a great range of intense emotions.

During this time, you may wonder what happened to the clarity that you felt only a week before? As you are dealing with the situations that are presented to you, it may feel as if things are really out of control, and that you have no idea where you're going, but rest assured that your clarity is not gone.

If you look closely at the past few days, you can probably notice that you have been mourning after some things, or experiences from the past. Pay close attention to the feelings that arise now, because they are indicating to you how these past experiences and what they represent, are leaving your life for good.

As you observe the feelings that are coming up with the remembrance of your past experiences, do it with as much objectivity as possible, and let your feelings inform you about what you are finally able to let go of from your life. You may have people and situations showing up from the past, either in your mind or in your day; but it is only because you are able to let go of them, too.

And as you come closer to the Full Moon, you will feel how you are reaching a point of intensity. Yet, after that your feelings will settle, as you are establishing your new direction in life. It will be the direction you are going to take for the next year, so be mindful of what you continue to allow to be part of your life, and what you are letting go of. Because when it's all done, you should feel good about what you're keeping from your past.

To help you overcome this hazy time of release, and figuring out your new direction, you may now benefit from creating a little ceremony for yourself. It might be good to find a way to give a physical expression to your feelings, and you can do that either through a drawing you make, or by placing your feelings on an object that you are willing to give back to the Earth. Next, use the opportunity to go out in nature, and make your intention known to release everything that these feelings represent, and that you no longer need to hang onto. Once the ceremony is done, return to yourself, and feel how much lighter you have become.

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