July 15, 2015


Every New Moon is an opportunity to sow new seeds in our lives. God and the Universe offer us every 29 days something new to begin working with in our lives. This is the way that we can visit our lives over and over again, and make decisions about how we are going to approach our experience; each month from a different angle.

How many times have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed with your life, or not being sure how to get unstuck about your current situation?

As you may already know, only recently I have decided that yes, it is time to let go of my old way of working, and begin something new. An era has ended indeed, and with it a new cycle of life has begun for me, and a new way to work and live.

I have received so many incredible messages from so many of you, sharing my joy and enthusiasm, but also showing me a lot of love as I begin this new journey. I have drank from this cup of love, each time you have offered it to me. This is truly such a fulfilling experience for me, even more so when I hear from you, not just encouraging me about my own experience, but letting me know how my openness, flexibility, and willingness to move forward is inspiring YOU, and it is giving you strength and hope to go ahead and do the same with your own life.

I couldn't have wished for me. In fact, it IS more than I wished, because while I had hoped such a response from you would be coming, through sharing my journey with you, I could truly and only do it for myself; because this journey feels right to me. I had hoped that I wouldn't walk be alone, of course. And it looks like I am not. Many of you are moving forward in your own way, carving your path, and finding the courage to be yourself. I feel deep gratitude that I know you, and that you are sharing your experiences with me.

I am also excited that my journey includes an amazing group of women that are coming together and are willing to walk this new path of growing into strong and empowered women along with me. Our immersion retreat group is a nice size now, and I will be accepting a few more participants. (Write me an email, as soon as you read this at joy.clarity@gmail.com to join us!)

I have received a lot of insight about many of the subjects that we will be discussing in our group, and I am already feeling some great shifts that happened only in these last few days since my announcement.

One of the things that I will be teaching each of the retreat participants is how to work with the energy of the Moon, in order to amplify its effects in our lives, and the ways that we can align our current life experience with the energy that the Moon is sharing with us through its cycles of birth, growth, and release. When working with the Moon energy, we can enhance aspects of our lives, where we feel that we need more help.

Like for example, when today's New Moon happens (at about 9:24 PM Eastern DT) you may want to look at the basic foundations of your life, and see if you need some help in establishing them, or reinforcing them in your life. Such foundations can be the home you live in, the family that you are a part of, and even the gut instinct is one of the foundations for your life. This powerful feminine compass that is your instinct, which every woman (and man) possesses, can be such a powerful ally in our life when we begin using it.

Once the New Moon arrives, you can sit in silence, in a moment of silent contemplation and prayer/meditation, and ask for its guidance to help you enhance your ability to listen and follow the wisdom of your gut instinct more frequently in your life. Write down your wish to do so on a piece of paper, and affirm it out loud for yourself around the exact time of the New Moon, and then release this desire to God. Observe then over the course of this next month especially, how you are responding to your gut instinct.

Such tools look quite simplistic. Yet if we make an effort every day to add one more tool to our amazing repertoire, we soon realize how powerful these very simple things truly are. It is because we give them our time, our dedication, and our attention that they become powerful, and the will change our lives.

I'd love to hear from you, how are YOU changing your life? What simple tools are you using to grow and empower yourself? Thank you.

Copyright 2015 © Alexandra Mahlimay

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