June 2, 2015


We are three weeks away from the June Solstice. It is a time of heightened energy running through the Earth at this moment, and you have been given every possible way to work with this energy, and to use it to transform yourself. So, what have you done with it?

Have you been listening to the calls that are coming either in very loud, or in very subtle ways to you?

Did your dreams intensify, and bring you messages about your life right now, and what needs to change? Maybe you didn't notice all this, but look back for a moment. Just think back over these last two weeks when you had a hunch, a dream, or a very clear message come to you. Think and feel into it. Those were moments that were carrying energetic downloads to help you bring shifts in your awareness, and real changes in your life.

If you did listen to these messages, you are probably finding yourself in a place of intensity, and even feeling a little confounded about your journey in life right now. You may feel that some things are shifting within you, and you HAVE to absolutely change... there really is no other way. This is a time with a lot of questioning, and reviewing of your life choices and life experiences. It is also high time that you let the changes go much deeper than you have ever done before.

However, if the messages have been coming to you, and you are ignoring them, or telling yourself that there is no time to make changes, or you cover the insight with some ways of numbing yourself, you may want to review why you are doing all that.

What are you afraid of? What seems so scary in your inner world that would make you believe, or think that you can't take care of the very important shifts that are happening in your life now? Look at the distractions you have created around yourself through situations that seem to be dramatic, or just absolutely asking for your attention, or the people that are demanding for your time. Look at the stories you are telling yourself now. When you look carefully, you will actually observe patterns that you have been working and repeating themselves throughout your whole life. Once you see them for what they are, then you can do something about it, because now you have the insight about these patterns that are re-appearing again and again.

Now is the time when insight can come to you, and today's Full Moon will only reinforce your journey. It will be a time of both insight and making sure that you can act on your insight. But be very aware first of the illusions that you have created around yourself, and the stories you are telling yourself. Bring those illusions into awareness, and illuminate the path of your life. Bring courage to the table, and a willingness to change. Bring an openness about receiving insight from the Higher Source and from your Soul, and be willing to act upon this insight when the time is right. Your intuition will give you jolts of powerful understanding, and when that flows into your awareness, make sure that you take note. Write down your insights, even if it doesn't make sense in the moment. And then, stay with the process. Continue to be with the shifts that are occurring, even if sometimes it may feel uncomfortable. Stay with it, even if you don't understand with your mind what is going on. Just listen carefully, and pay very close attention.

The changes have been coming for a while, but right now, the questions is really... What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for more insight and inspiration? Are you waiting for the conditions of your life to be perfect before you jump into the sea of change? Or are you willing to surrender to the Divine Order of things, and finally make the plunge? The one that is waiting is the one that won't find answers to the things you need to know, because it is one that is holding back knowledge and insight from touching you, when your Soul and God are constantly talking to you. Staying in the same place only makes you feel sicker of your life, and of the things you are experiencing. There really is no other way than to jump in.

Be willing. Be open. And let God.

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